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piano time 100000 downloadsPiano Time just crossed the 100,000 download mark since the launch of Windows 8! Here are all the stats I can dig up of the first 3 months in the store.  Piano Time also recently won the Apptivate.ms contest sponsored by Microsoft and Stack Overflow.

Hopefully this will help some people get an idea of where the Windows Store is headed.  Feel free to chime in with your experiences in the store.


Piano Time has averaged about 1,100 downloads a day since launch with a one-day high of 3,400 which was on Christmas day.  It has been close to the top of the Music & Video – Free category since launch but has started to slip lately. The US and UK have the biggest share of downloads but it has been downloaded in every country the store is available.
piano time 100000 downloads


Piano Time is monetized in a few ways; Advertising, a Pro version, and in-app purchases.


Piano Time has one main advertisement supplied by Microsoft Advertising.  As you can see below the average eCPM is a terrible 40 cents for 1,855,017 impressions. I’m hoping this goes up as more advertisers come to Windows 8.

piano time advertising

Piano Time Pro Version

Piano Time Pro was released a couple weeks after Piano Time and doesn’t have any ads. It also has the ability to save MP3s included in the cost. I’ve slowly raised the price from $1.99 to $3.49.  So far it’s had 233 downloads with a revenue of $468.48

pianotime pro downloads

In-app Purchases

In the last update I added an in-app purchase to save your recordings as MP3 files for $1.99, but that has only been in the app for less than a week.  It’s too early to tell if it will generate any significant income.

Download Piano Time from the Windows Store:

Download Piano Time from the Windows Store

3 Comments so far:

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  2. Jimmy says:

    How have the in-app purchases been going?

  3. Nick Lamb says:

    The in app purchases are ok. A few a week on average. The ad revenue is still higher.

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