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Piano Time for Windows 8

Piano Time is a multi-touch virtual piano application that includes multiple key layout options, a metronome, configurable playback speed, and sheet music. Piano Time helps users learn built-in songs and record and playback their own creations.

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  • Multi-touch virtual piano
  • Multiple keyboard layout options
  • Built-in practice songs
  • Record and playback your own creations
  • Save recordings as MP3 file
  • Sheet music display
  • Configurable metronome and playback speed



How To


Select Keyboard Layout

Duet Mode

  • Check box to select duet mode instead of single player mode
  • Select option to have keyboard set to horizontal, vertical or angled orientation (examples to follow)
  • In single player mode, keyboard is always horizontal

Single LayoutHorizontal Duet ModeVertical Duet ModeAngled Duet Mode

Display Sheet Music

Display Sheet Music

  • When recordings or practice songs are played, the notes are displayed as animated sheet music
  • Users learn notes and sheet music by pressing keys and seeing them recorded on the sheet music


Record and Playback Song

Record And Playback

  • Record songs by
    • Clicking Record and then playing a song
    • Clicking Stop when finished
    • Clicking Save Recording when prompted (or Discard Recording if not saving)
    • Name Recording when prompted
  • Playback songs as you do with built-in songs


Play Built-In Practice Songs

Play Built-In Songs

  • Play practice songs and watch animated notes on the sheet music by
    • Clicking the arrow to the right to see list of songs
    • Selecting a song
    • Selecting Play


Save Recording as MP3

Save As Mp3

  • Select song in the Recordings dropdown list
  • Click Save MP3
  • A dialogue box will pop up. Indicate:
    • Where to save the MP3 on the computer
    • What to name the song
    • Click OK


Configure Metronome


  • Check box to initiate metronome
  • Move slider to the left for a slower beat and to the right for a faster beat


Configure Playback Speed

Playback Speed

  • When playing recordings or practice songs, configure speed by
    • Clicking 2x to play it faster
    • Clicking 1x to play in original speed
    • Clicking 1/2x to play it slower


Change Background Color

  • Select Options
  • Flyout will appear on the right. Select background color.

OptionsPlay Built-In Songs Options Flyout